To obtain funds to pay covered claims, MPCGA assesses member companies based on a percentage of the net direct premiums written in Michigan in particular covered lines of insurance for the preceding calendar year. As required by statute, assessments are divided into five categories, which consist of worker’s compensation insurance, automobile insurance, title insurance, “other 1” (fire, allied lines, farm owner’s multiple peril, homeowner’s multiple peril, inland marine, earthquake, and credit insurance), and “other 2” (all other types of insurance except life and disability insurance).

Separate assessments are made for each statutory category and are limited each year to 1% of the net premiums written in this state for the previous calendar year. Refunds are made when, and in such amounts, as determined by MPCGA’s Board of Governors.

Assessment History

The last assessment was conducted in 2009 and refund in 2023.

$2.7M refund in Other 2
No assessments


$30,000,000 refund in Workers’ Compensation
No assessments


No assessment


No assessment


No assessment

Refund in 2017

$9,999,365 in Workers’ Compensation
$9,998,590 in Other 2

Refund in 2014

$9,998,204 in Other 2

Refund in 2011

$197,241.62 in Title

Refund in 2010

$9,998,252 in Auto
$9,997,748 in Other 2

Assessment for 2009

$158,373 in Title (.06%)

Assessment & Refunds for 2008


$99,101 in Title (.03%)


$8,999,939 in Auto
$9,999,918 in Other 2

Assessment for 2007

$11,359,276 in Workers’ Comp (1%)

Assessment for 2006

$12,194,749 in Workers’ Comp (1%)

Assessment for 2005

$12,600,720 in Workers’ Comp (1%)

Assessment for 2004

$12,348,483 in Workers’ Comp (1%)

Assessments for 2003

$12,026,971 in Workers’ Comp (1%)
$9,679,421 in Auto (0.15%)